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What we do: Strategy


It all starts with 'why?'

If you can't articulate 'why' you have in place any element of your compensation and benefits offering, it usually comes down to a disconnection between the business strategy and the reward solutions in place....

Perhaps your business strategy has evolved? Or the business has fundamentally changed, through M&A, rapid growth, a new operating model, or perhaps there was never a strategy for reward...

By starting with the development of a Reward Strategy and Philosophy that is linked to the Business and People Strategy, designing and delivering Reward solutions is simple. They will naturally support sustainable business growth, allow you to attract and retain the talent you need for the future and manage costs effectively.

This is as true for base pay structures and variable pay schemes as it is for the benefits offering. A well designed strategy should drive Company Values through the package and ensure a bespoke design, differentiated to your employees at whichever stage of their career.

Don't forget Career Architecture

Before you jump to creating a  Career Architecture solution, be clear about what you need it to support within the business. What are the career paths which are relevant? What do employees need? What will drive business growth and retain talent? This definition of Strategy will allow creation of the most appropriate solution.


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