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What we do: Insight and Diagnostics




Deep analysis of a particular set of roles, skills or specific element of Reward to understand more.

We work with you to develop understanding of the current challenges and why your reward solutions are not producing results.

This may be across the business, for a special group of roles or it could be a change in business strategy required a new focus for the business and the link to reward needs review.

Unintentional bias and inequity in pay and benefits offering across businesses is common. An external, objective, review is the best starting point to identify areas to tackle in designing a fair and transparent Reward offering. Make a conscious plan to remove discrimination from pay and benefit policies and decision making.




Organisation Architecture is at the heart of any reward structure. The size and structure of roles are at the core of understanding internal and external equity of pay and benefits.

We work with organisations to analyse the sizing of exisiting and new roles, slippage in systems and whether the structure is still fit for purpose.

The findings from this analysis also have a direct correlation to career pathing and talent management.




Keep abreast of the market by analysing your position to ensure you can continue to attract and retain the best talent

The tools for market benchmarking are rapidly evolving. Ensure you are selecting the most appropriate and cost effective data for your organisation.

We can support you to select the best data source, size and match roles and carry out in-depth external analysis. We work with you to understand how your offering compares with your competitors, and assess market movements: what skills are 'hot' right now? Where are you at risk?


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