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This website is designed to give a flavour of the type of projects that if...hr solutions can support. Based in Paris, I work both in Europe and globally. Increasingly the solutions required by organisations in 2016 and beyond require both a common set of global principles and pragmatic local application.    

Providing creative and insight-driven Reward and Org Design solutions

Welcome to the if...hr solutions website

Why If... ?

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The reason the Company is called 'if...' simply recognises the need for a different point of view or a dedicated focus on Reward and Org design challenges that isn't always available in todays lean organisations.


Business Leaders and HR professionals are always short of time - the urgent and pressing activities that have to be actioned right now will always take priority. In the organisations lucky enough to have dedicated specialist resource, their experts can focus on deep underlying issues that everyone recognises need fixing. However, cash, overheads and headcount, often mean this resource is a luxury in 2016.  


For the businesses who don't have specialist Reward and Organisation Design resource, I work closely to support them to develop long term Reward and Org Design strategy and fix issues that have arisen over time and changing business structure.





Examples of recent work

Development and implementation of Global Reward Strategy

Grading, Job Architecture Design & Core competency framework for FMCG

Bespoke Reward Solution for Russian BU as a result of unstable exchange rates

Strategy developement and execution of closure and change in DB Pension arrangements.  

Email us at hello@ifhr.co.uk

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