What we do: Reward Solutions

Base Pay

Scheme Design

Defining the parameters and 'no debates' of a base pay management system are key to developing solutions for clients.

Our solutions include the setting of base pay, ongoing management of base pay, principles of base pay variance and managing special cases.

Most organisations take a balanced approach of affordability and market benchmarking to setting and managing base pay. Focus on 'hot skills' and special cases are also popular!

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Variable Pay Scheme Design

For most organisations, Variable Pay is a fundamental part of the total package.

We believe it should be self-financing and drive commitment from employees to long-term and sustainable business growth. We develop bespoke solutions to recognise total company, team and/or individual performance according to your People & Reward Strategy.

Many organisations segment variable pay for special groups and to meet necessary legislation.

We have extensive experience in Annual Bonus plans, Sales incentive pay, LTIP programmes and deferred STIP arrangements.

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Benefits and Recognition

The best benefit offerings are bespoke and attractive to all employees at each stage of their career.

We believe in using feedback from employees about what they value and using the latest external best practice to create an exciting and compelling offering that suits the culture of an organisation.

We have extensive experience in benchmarking and designing retirement programmes, health and wellness solutions, travel policies, financial wellness and technology solutions.

Recognition schemes can take many forms, and can also provide a low/no cost addition to benefits programmes and variable reward and drive Company values.

Case Studies

Job Architecture Model design

Underpinning many Reward plans are comprehensive Career Architecture frameworks, designed to define sizes and content of roles across the business. For organisations, they can provide a fair and equitable framework for reward solutions.

The right architecture is much more than just 'grading'; it will provide clarity of Career routes, reward offering and support performance management.

We have designed many Career Architectures across a number of industries: always underpinned by globally recognised methodologies to support effective market benchmarking and competitor comparisons.

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