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If.... provides a full range of bespoke Reward and Organisation Design support, ensuring that internal business leaders and HR teams have long-term ownership of solutions.

Insight driven Reward solutions to meet business needs

Using detailed anlaytics, market knowledge and creative thinking, we offer:

  • Development of Reward Philosophy & Strategy


  • Define and deliver an execution plan to deliver Strategy


  • Defining a suite of reward Policies, Processes  and Tools which meets the business need


  • Engage leaders, HR teams and employees in Reward

Reward Consulting

All aspects of Compensation work undertaken - in particular using reward to develop a performance culture:

  • Executive Compensation Management


  • Pay Review Design and Management


  • Market Pricing & Salary Benchmarking


  • Development of Pay structures


  • All aspects of pay for manual roles


  • Paying for Performance structures

Fixed & Variable Pay

All aspects of Benefits & Total Reward work undertaken:

  • Global benefits benchmarking


  • Market benefit review


  • Development of benefit strategy


  • How to manage & Communicate Benefits


  • Pension schemes review  


  • Aligning Health and Wellness offering to Total Reward



Benefits & Total Reward

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We offer a bespoke insight-driven approach to reviewing data and systems in organisations to identify any areas of inequality of pay and benefits:


  • Pay structure review, including job evaluation & grading, pay audit & action planning.


  • Focus on fairness and equality of total reward offering adhering to local labour legislation.


  • Significant experience in preparing for UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting and subsequent action planning; see home page for options

Equality of Pay

Org Design is often closely linked to Reward solutions. We offer a Job Evaluation service, using globally recognised systems, producing solutions which maximise efficiency and productivity:


  • Development of Grading structures and Job Architecture


  • Competency profiling


  • Design of role and skills frameworks


  • Grading Guide charts.  

Org Design

Linking Reward to both HR and business strategy is crucial. We can provide support in reviewing whether the reward philosophy in place connects with the future business strategy and direction:


  • Review of all elements of variable pay to ensure they meet business needs


  • Optimal design of short term annual bonus


  • Design of the best LTIP for your buisness


  • Design of short term monthly, quarterly or bi-annual commission or sales incentive programmes    

Variable Pay Plans

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